Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is the highly anticipated finale of the Avengers saga. Marvel films beautifully laid out the journey of Marvel superheroes in front of us as they fought side by side as the Avengers.

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With Avengers Endgame just 10 days away from its Worldwide release, lets take a look at the best Marvel films to release till date. It all started back in 2008 with Iron Man while Marvel’s latest outing is going to be Avengers: Endgame. This is the 22nd film of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

With 21 memorable films already under their belt, Marvel has collected a whopping $ 18.5 billions by now. With Avengers Endgame’s release next week, they will soon reach the $ 20 billion mark.

Below are top ten best Marvel films as per Editor’s pick

10. Avengers : Age Of Ultron:-

The second installment of the Avengers saga is till date the third highest grossing movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Film had collected $ 1.4 billion back in 2015. Age of Ultron featured all our favorite superheros together which made a memorable feast for the eyes. Film’s rotten tomatoes rating stand at 75%. Age of Ultron was the 11th release in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

9. Spider-Man: Homecoming :-

The 16th Film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe stands at 9th Position in our list. Spiderman Homecoming introduced us to a new face, Tom Holland who essayed the role of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This film also starred everyone’s favorite Tony Stark i.e. Iron Man and he was seen mentoring Peter Parker. Homecoming emerged as a mega success at the boxoffice, collecting $ 334 million from North America and $ 880 million Worldwide.

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8. The Avengers:-

First part of the Avengers series, The Avengers received a massive response back in 2012. The film received immense applause from the critics seven years back and it was a huge money spinner at the boxoffice. Film still stands tall as the second highest grossing film of Marvel Universe with over $ 1.5 billion. We saw all the major superheros in one frame for the first time and it laid the foundation of the hugely adored Avengers series.

7. Guardians Of Galaxy Vol 2:-

The Guardian of Galaxy series are probably one of the most popular stand alone series of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Second part of the series released couple of years back and took the whole world by storm. It collected $ 390 million from North America and stands as the 7th Highest grossing film of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Film saw massive appraisal from critics and its characters got more popularity from this sequel.

6. Iron Man:-

It all started eleven years back with Iron Man. Tony Stark as Iron Man became an instant blockbuster. Film became a phenomenal success earning over $ 318 million in 2008. If adjusted for inflation than this total stands at $ 400 million. Iron Man laid the foundation of the mega Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was loved by many and was the first film to create Marvel’s fan club which right now is probably the biggest fan club for any film series.

5. Guardians Of The Galaxy:-

At top 5 is Guardians of The Galaxy. Film is one of the most well liked films of Marvel Universe and stands tall at the boxoffice too. Film introduced to us many characters from Comic books which have become our favorite now. Its storyline and pace was fantastic and it is one of the best films of Marvel Universe.

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4. Thor Ragnarok:-

At number 4 is Thor Ragnarok. Many might disagree with that but film actually was the first one which created a huge brand name for Thor. It is also the highest grossing film of the Thor franchise in both North America and Overseas. This installment has been miles ahead of previous Thor films. In terms of content too, we saw the god of thunder in all his glory and might in this film.

3. Black Panther:-

Nominated for several Academy Awards, The Black Panther is one of the best films to come out of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Film unfolded an emotional tale which had everything from brilliant content, performances to a gripping plotline. Film is the highest grossing movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe in North America.

2. Captain America : Civil War:-

This was the first time that we saw Spider-Man alongside the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. This film was visually grand and it had one of the best fight sequences of Marvel Universe’s till date. The fight sequence between Iron Man and Captain America is still the favorite scene of many fans. Film stands tall with over $ 1.1 billion gross Worldwide and is number two on our list.

1 Avengers: Infinity War:-

Without any doubt Avengers: Infinity War is the best film of Marvel Universe till date. Film had a well paced screenplay complimented by phenomenal performances. It had breath taking action sequences and the screen presence of every character was extremely well balanced. Film is the highest grossing Marvel film till date at the Worldwide boxoffice. Collecting $ 2.04 billion, this film is the only film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to hit $ 2 billion mark.

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