Among the release of many glamour laden rom-coms in our reviving cinema, comes Durj. This film is what nightmares are made of. However, it is has been produced on good intentions! The film is highlighting real incidents of cannibalism that have been found in Pakistan. The frightening movie has taken the country by a storm. Shamoon Abbasi has touched a very bold and grave issue. Epk interviewed the man behind this difficult movie, Shamoon Abbasi. Abbasi is the producer, director, writer and the main lead of the film.


Shamoon Abbasi in his character.


Shamoon Abbasi tells us, that the name of the film, Durj is in fact a word from Urdu Rekhta. It means a precious box, more like a jewelry box. He chose to call the film, “Durj” as he believes that we all will ultimately go to a coffin. The word Durj is used to signify the bitter reality of our lives, which is that every human shall taste death.

He also mentions that the name does not have a meaning on the internet, which is why the actor thought it will be of use in provoking the curiosity of the audience.

He further talked to us about the concept of the film. The film appears to be based on cannibalism however the film in actuality, has so much more to it. It not only revolves around the concept of cannibalism but also addresses the fact that there is no law against cannibalism. When two brothers were actually caught in a village, guilty of this heinous crime, they were let go within a short period of time for the police was confused as to what case they should file against them.

He added that, normally when such a case occurs, the act and the criminals are assessed medically. He talked about how this is an actual illness and that the general public should have been educated upon this illness. However, the movie does not delve into this illness as Shamoon Abbasi did not want to bore the audience. The film instead focuses on an emotional and romantic angle. The movie will no doubt, not only evoke our emotions but also grip and shake us. But on the lighter note, it portrays romance between the leading pair.

The story simultaneously revolves around the poor. There is a poor lady who has become a thief due to her abject poverty. She will meet this man, and they will become friends.

The third narrative in the film is built around Maira Khan’s character. She has lost her husband and searches for him. She puts up a fight to uncover the truth about her husband’s disappearance.

Sherry Shah who is also one of the producers of this film, completely transformed for her role. She has previously done a commercial film and later chose not to do any films as she specifically wants to work in films which have powerful scripts.


Drastic transformation of Sherry Shah


Sherry Shah was so determined that she went bald and increased her weight for this role. Shamoon Abbasi tells us that the brave actress shaves her hair off in a scene shot in this film.

The film also stars, Maira Khan. The actor tells us that she is a fine actress. He added that, the film did not only require a beauty with brains but also one with strength as the shoots were very tough. She was required to climb mountains, bear the scorching sun without any luxury being offered to her.

Abbasi said, that the two actresses displayed utmost strength and determination. They were steadfast and inspiring. They went out of the way for this film and he is very pleased with their performance.


Maira Khan and Dodi Khan on the poster of Durj


The film also stars Dodi Khan as a cop. Dodi Khan will make his debut with this film and is also a partner in this film. His character investigates the entire case, in the movie. Shamoon Abbasi said it was high time, Dodi khan joined the industry, as he is completely a hunk and this industry desperately needed one. The film also stars Nauman Javed as an advocate, who also has been very dedicated to this film.


The journey of Durj has seen a lot of hard work and the storyline is truly bewitching.






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