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3rd March Sunday 2019 dramas:

Sundays are much more toned down days compared to the rest, and we want to watch dramas that suit our mood on this day as well. Romeo Weds Heer and Anaa both boast a stellar cast and amazing production teams that have made award-winning dramas before as well, so it definitely is a tough competition. Read on to find out more about each respective drama!

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Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

The mystery from last week’s episode is carried on this Sunday as well as Romeo is still missing and everyone begins to notice at last. While Romeo’s own family goes straight to the police, Heer’s family on the other hand thinks Romeo has run away.

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In the meantime, Romeo wakes up in Faryal’s house, confused, and runs away to get to his own wedding. The drama certainly knows how to drag put plotlines, as evident from this completely different story introduced.

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Faryal’s character is very easily dislikeable, and not very sympathetic or memorable. The charm of the kind of comedy Romeo Weds Heer employs needs to be used more effectively and is perfect as it is, without having to introduce these extra characters. Regardless, it was a fun episode and we like that the writers are trying to branch out more into other genres.

Anaa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

Wow, what an episode! We would definitely keep our eyes out for this drama as it is proving to be quite entertaining. Daneen attempts to adjust to her new house, with Dadi attempting to make her more respecting and graceful. Daneen doesn’t like Dadi’s controlling attitude, and her situation is worsened when she finds out Areesh is bound to go to Islamabad without her.

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Izza is proving to be a strong and likeable girl who even Dadi seems to take a liking to. Altamash however is suspicious of her and rightfully so, as he soon finds out her connection to his family. The fact that he chooses to conceal it instead of revealing it shows not just a softer side to Altamash’s character but also that he might like Izza secretly. Altamash and Izza are certainly our favorite couple so far, second only to Daneen and Areesh!

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But the secret comes out anyway when Ghazanfar, Areesh’s father, finds out the truth. From what we know, it is Areesh’s family that is mostly against Izza’s parents, and a huge fight ensues where Daneen is forced to choose between her husband’s family and her own.

While it is leaning towards a more household drama, Anaa is proving to be much, much more. Firstly, the soundtrack is very suiting and I like that it is so subtle and not overtly dramatic. Secondly, the setting and the scenery could not have been more perfect!

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It provides a beautiful background to the entire drama. And last but not the least, all the actors are outstanding and Hania Amir has won our hearts with her fiery and outspoken character. All of these make Anaa a drama worth watching!

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Like we said before, there are so many factors within Anaa that make it such a beautiful drama and I personally would recommend watching it for the beautiful setting! It’s got a perfect mix of tragedy and comedy and Daneen’s character makes you laugh and root for her. Romeo Weds Heer is strictly comedy so if you don’t want anything serious, then that is your go-to!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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