Last night’s episode was eventful and Umair stooped to new lows. Sadia’s difficulties don’t seem to be ending after being thrown out of her father’s house she has to face Umair’s accusations about her baby. Umair is feeling helpless and his frustration is getting to his head as he goes around doing all sorts of ridiculous things including approaching Ahmer.

Sadia on the other hand remains brave enough to confront him as well as be happy for her sister. Zubi though wanted to marry to take revenge is now feeling unsure, this is not giving her.She is childish and doesn’t realize doing something to make Umair jealous will not help her get peace. Her marrying Ahmer will only be disastrous. Her concern for Sadia at the start of the episode was also interesting. It was a nice see a change in her attitude which has been cold towards her sister for the most part. This could lead to her confessing the truth and realizing her wrongdoing.

Ayeza Khan as Zubi

Sadia’s only ally in the house is her mother in law Aliya who is getting more ill by every passing day. It is refreshing to see a positive portrayal of a mother in law, as most dramas tend to put them in a negative light.

Hina Bayat as Aliya

In this episode Muneeb Butt and Momal Sheikh both stood out the most. Muneeb exhibited wide range of anger and frustration and the way he reacted. His extreme rage was reflected well and he didn’t over do it. It came as natural and he made it very believable.

Momal Sheikh on the other hand is a perfect depiction of a woman who has to face the brunt of the society even though she did nothing wrong. Momal plays Sadia very well making her one of the best characters of the drama. I look forward to seeing what she will do or say next. She has managed to ace sad and emotional scenes where her character is falling apart yet her dialogues can be clearly understood whilst translating the grief and torment that she is going through.

With such powerful and impactful performances Yaariyan continues to be a fan favorite, despite having the element of a typical drama.The well paced episodes by director Wajahat Hussain keeps the drama entertaining and interesting. His vision for the drama seems clear and it can be reflected in the smooth execution of every episode. With the plot getting deeper and deeper into a mess, lets see where Yaariyan is headed.

What did you think of the episode?


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