Last night’s episode took a new turn. While Kinza tries her best to sway Nimra to back out of the marriage she does not. However she does gets puzzled about Faizan’s intentions. The two have not been able to form any sort of bond despite the fact that they are getting married, which is concerning.

Mera Rab Waris Ep 24: Madiha Imam Continues to Impress As Aisha!

Mazhar is emerging as an impressive villain and Tipu Sharif playing the role with conviction. His interest in Aisha is pushing him to create trouble. Mazhar seeds a doubt in Aisha’s mind regarding Haris and Ayla. Their house maid adds fuel to the fire by corroborating his story. So far the story had progressed at a very mellow and happy pace. There had not been a major conflict in the drama, so this change in pace was expected.

While Aisha does not take any allegations seriously but what she sees herself, she is unable to ignore. Mazhar isn’t making matters any easier and takes full advantage of the mehndi event to intimidate her. The scene in which Mazhar threatens Aisha, indicated what is coming in the upcoming episodes. The whole scene was thoroughly enjoyed and had us scared for Aisha.

Haris’ mother played by Semi Pasha also taunts Aisha and makes her insecure. Their exchange was heartbreaking and cruel as she tries to give a reality check. Semi continues to be consistent with her performance as well. Her dislike for Aisha can be judged by her tone and this is where the actor’s excellence lies.

It was truly heartbreaking to see everyone pinning Aisha down just for sake of their superficial standards. Madiha Imam once again did an exceptional job translating those emotions on screen. She makes Aisha extremely lovable and we love seeing her positivity radiate on screen. Her character has been shown as very strong yet all the pressure and negativity seems to be catching up to her now.

The question that now arises is will she allow these doubts to form a rift in her marriage. More importantly the way Mazhar is going around with his teases and threats it seems unlikely that he will keep his mouth shut for long. The episode came as the quite before the storm and we hope Aisha is brave enough to fight it!

Once again the episode was well paced and well written episode all credit to the director writer duo.The entire episode was kept eventful and the focus of the episode was to make give wind to Aisha’s insecurities. Mera Rab Waris is lucky in regard of the talented team that has come together. We see a good vision of the Asad Jabal as well as Jahzeb Qamar in every episode. mera Rab Waris without a doubt is one of those dramas we look forward to every week.

What did you think of the episode?


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