Ishq Zahe Naseeb is just three episodes in and it has entangled us in its web. The story is beautiful with the right amount of romance and intrigue. The way the characters have been introduced and the way all actors have essayed their roles they have managed to instantly develop a connection with the audience.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Ep 2: Sonya Hussyn Impressive As Mischievous Gohar

This episode mostly focused on Gohar, her family and her love life. The story took a very sad turn for her as she sacrifices her love for her sister. Gohar and Bushra share a strong bond and it is truly heartening to see their scenes together. Sonya Hussyn and Janan Hussain have depicted that bond very well.

The way Gohar conflicted mind was shown as she traveled in the rickshaw was so intense. It kept me wondering whether she will go through with it or not.At the same time Kashif was also shown to be unsure as memories of his sisters flashed in front of his eyes. Kashif is left at the altar yet he gets some good news back home.

This episode barely had Sameer, there was only a glimpse of him when he is imbued in his split. The mystery and intrigue around him makes his character very interesting and draws us to it.

The drama is off to a good start it is a visual treat and the story is one that is very different from the typical dramas. The episodes have maintained a good pace and has us invested in it fully. We look forward to seeing what the drama has to offer in the coming episodes.


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