Anaa finally showed progression in Daneen’s story which had been stuck in a rut for a very long time. She is finally free from Saif’s imprisonment. While one problem has been resolved, there is still a lot left to be sorted. Anya’s traumatizing past has been revealed by Nazia in a very bad way which has created unrest in Shamsher Nagar.

Anaa Ep 20: Petty Conspiracies & Revelations

This episode focused on what had really happened and the aftermath of the truth . It is rather sad that Nazia stooped so low to get her revenge and once again Anya became the undeserving victim. Areesh is having a hard time digesting the news as well as the fact that his wife didn’t trust her enough to confide in him.

Areeba Shahood Alvi (Anya)

Altamash is in the dark about the revelation as he has been away, and his reaction is yet to be seen. This could finally push him away from Izza because of her mother’s doings. Izza’s feeling are still unclear, however she has certainly started to develop a soft corner for him .

Usman Mukhtar (Altamash) & Naimal Khawar (Izza)

While Daneen and Areesh are making headway, Altamash and Izza seem to be nowhere. This has remained constant throughout the drama, and a little progression would be nice. There is always a chance of Daneen getting caught, and if that happens it will not end well. Ghazanfar will also not stay quiet after Nazia’s conspiracy, what he will do next is something to look forward to. If we know anything about him up until now, it is certain that he will resort to extreme measures and even violence to hit back. Who gets caught in the cross fire will be another interesting twist in the story.

Shahzad Sheikh(Areesh) & Hania Amir(Daneen) in Anaa

The best scene of the entire episode without doubt was the one in which Daneen sneaks out of the house and hides in Areesh’s car. The way she surprises him was adorable and certainly a sigh of relief.

Winners of Lux Style Awards 2019

Overall the episode was eventful keeping it crisp and interesting. A well paced episode is very important for any drama and Anaa’s director has managed to achieve that up until now. The drama is also visually stunning with Margalla Hills providing a beautiful backdrop for the outdoor scenes. All the actors have been performing very well and we look forward to seeing what new turn the story will take now.

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