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Thursdays have two special dramas airing, firstly romantic serial Mera Rab Waris and Hum Tv’s period drama Aangan. Aangan is relatively older than the other which is just in its development phases.


The drama takes us back in time and shows us a different world yet the problems existing in the lives of the characters are not alien. Chammi, Jameel and Aliya’s love triangle is enjoyable. Chammi’s wit and blunt replies make the drama more alive and entertaining. Jameel has already declared his love for Aliya and Chammi has introduced her new found love interest Manzoor.

The Love Triangle Keeps Aangan Crisp!

However in tonight’s episode she will reveal that Manzoor has joined the army. The scene in which she informs Aliya is so entertaining and something to look forward to. So far it seems that Sajal is the only actor in the entire drama who is carrying the weight of the serial. Other than that, the drama is rather dull and actually been a disappointment.

Mera Rab Waris

This drama is new and the story is still unfolding slowly. The writer has developed a beautiful character in form of Aisha and her character is what makes you want to watch the drama. She is so staunch in her faith and is such a positive figure. Marrying Haris seems like a very bad idea however she or her parents have no idea about Haris’s personality.

Kaisa Hai Naseeban Makes An All Time Rating Record

This week’s episode will unite the two by showing their engagement that will happen out of stubbornness of Haris who has been captivated by her beauty only. His mother is still reluctant about the marriage and is not willing to go through with it but is helpless at the hands of her son.

While both the dramas are good in their own way, Mera Rab Waris is new so we are excited to see what it has to offer. So we would suggest that you catch it tonight! While Aangan has its charm, this week it looks like it is Mera Rab Waris that is worth the watch.


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  1. […] Haris and Aisha are about to unite despite his mother and sisters’ reluctance. Their rejection is a typical portrayal of elitist attitude who are solely rejecting her based on the fact that she isn’t modern. We can see where this is going and it will be interesting to see how the story unravels. […]