On Monday, we have very limited variety of quality dramas to watch. Out of these dramas which one is your best bet, lets have a look at the list of dramas airing and then decide.

Top 5 Dramas Of the Week: Minal Khan’s Hasad Impresses

InkaarHUM TV8:00
Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi,
Imran Ashraf
Dil Kya KarayGeo TV8:00
Yumna Zaidi, Feroze Khan,
Marina Khan
Uraan A Plus8:00
Nimra Khan,Ali Josh, Kiran Tabeer
Juda Na HonaTV One8:00
Shahroze Shabzwari,
Mansha Pasha
HasadARY 8:00 PMMinal Khan, Shehroze Shabzwari

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Here is Why….

Minal Khan and Shehroze Shabzwari starrer Hasad has been well received. The drama is from the Bandish director Aabis Raza, like Bandish the has taken on another major issue in this drama and has reflected it well in form of Zareen.

Like the title suggests the drama is about envy and how evil eye can result in wrecking an entire household. Minal and Shehroze share a sweet chemistry that is great to watch. Be sure to check out this one tonight!

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