Saturday is the toughest day for drama lovers as there are so many quality dramas airing tonight. We do not just love one but all of them. So which one to choose from all of these?

Meet the Man Behind Shayan of Cheekh, Emmad Irfani

First lets have a look at the ones airing tonight:

Shahrukh Ki
Geo TV8.00
Ramsha Khan,Ahsan Khan
Deewar e ShabHUM TV 8
Bushra Ansari,
Shahzad Sheikh,
Sarah Khan
Saba Qamar, Emmad Irfani,
Bilal Abbas,Aijaz Aslam

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Here is why….

The previous few episodes dragged the narrative a bit. However previous episode moved things along. It also showed the extent of Wajih lawyer’s wit.With Mannat’s defeat we look forward to seeing what will happen next. How will the drama reveal the real face of Wajih?

Deewar Shab is also a good watch but at the moment the story is building up and it is rather slow. Cheekh on the other hand is nearing its end and we are fully invested in the story and want to see how it ends.

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