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The three prominent dramas airing tonight are Kam Zarf, Mere Humdum and Beti. To find out which drama is worth your time, watch the video or read on!

Beti (ARY) IDream Entertainment

Drama Serial Beti will air its double episode tonight, which will be the drama’s finale. This drama resonated with the audience from the very beginning. It has been tackling not just the patriarchal society but also how women themselves internalize misogyny over the years, as depicted by the character of the evil grandmother (Asma Abbas). What is most moving about the social message this drama gives is that it is not something fictional or made up; killing newborn daughters or not wanting daughters because they are considered “useless” is very much a reality for this society! Beti has been able to grip us with its compelling storyline and has been an entertaining watch throughout. The drama unfolded many tragedies and we have felt the pain with it. The actors have given excellent performances. While seasoned actors Asma Abbas and Javed Sheikh were a natural in their avatars, the newcomer Saheefa Jabbar impressed us too! As the drama reaches it finale and the antagonist of the drama, the cruel grandmother is about to get what she always deserved, we wouldn’t want to miss this! The drama has maintained decent buzz and ratings throughout and has garnered much love. We recommend Beti for tonight!

Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions

The second best drama to watch tonight as per my opinion is Kam Zarf. This drama follows an interesting storyline and we get to see Nadia Khan in a very different yet amusing avatar. Azhar (Junaid Khan) continues to mistreat Fozia (Rubab Hashim) and grief over his lost love. Aima essayed by Nadia Khan of course remains staunch in her beliefs too and treats everyone poorly. It will be interesting to see how these two characters unfold over time and hopefully we will see some character development in the otherwise one dimensional characters. We also hope the sister and brother duo will see the error in their ways soon.

Mere Humdum (HUM Tv) MD Productions

There is a love triangle between Haris, Osama and Warda. While Warda (Sarah Khan) seems to be in pain after marrying Haris (Gohar Mumtaz), Osama (Syed Jibran) wishes to erase all troubles from her life. Osama who is secretly in love with Warda, wants no harm to come Warda’s way and also wants Haris to amend his ways. He even goes to Paras and tries to put sense into her for the couple’s sake. It appears he will always be there for Warda. Unfortunately, the story is a cliche and is quite predictable. It fails to maintain a viewer’s interest and hasn’t been rating well either.


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