When there is a variety of dramas airing on various channels it gets difficult to choose which one to watch. We are here to help you with your conundrum. First have a look at all the dramas airing tonight!

Drama Channel Time Cast
Surkh ChandiniARY
8:00 PMSohai Ali Abro, Usman Khalid Butt
Kam ZarfGeo TV8:00 PMNadia Khan, Junaid Khan, Rabab, Maryam Nafees, Ali Ansari.
HUM TV8:00 PMSarah Khan, Gohar Mumtaz,
Syed Jibran 
UraanA Plus8:00 PMAli Josh, Nimra Khan,Kiran Tabeer.
Wafa Lazim
To Nahi
TV One8:00 PMKinza Hashmi, Faisal Rehman.

EPK Picks

Kam Zarf

Here is why…..

Kam Zarf’s family dynamics had us engaged in this drama. Nadia Khan continues to impress us with her bitter attitude with everyone. She is facing a fall after her husband betrays her and steals her money, leaving her high and dry. Aima is still not seeing things through and making the life of others miserable. What will she do next is very unpredictable and we look forward to it.

Exclusive: Release Details of Surkh Chandini Revealed!

One special mention is Surkh Chandini which is starting tonight. The drama is made on acid attack survivors and how miserable their lives become after it.It stars Sohai Ali Abro and Osman Khalid Butt.

Teasers of Surkh Chandini Are Heart Breaking!


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