Suno Chanda 2

On Wednesday our constant was Do Bol, but it has ended. We had thought that this would leave us with a void but luckily enough there is another drama that has come to the rescue! Read on to find out the dramas airing tonight and which one we would recommend!

First Impressions: Khaas not so Khaas?

Khas (Hum TV)

Saba and Ammaar will get married after he goes back and forth with his decision. He think too highly of himself and will make mockery of Saba on various occasion be it alone or in company of friends. This will initiate problems between the two. The drama had us excited as it was Sanam Baloch’s come back on television. However the narrative has failed to leave a mark.

Suno Chanda

The Ramazan Special Suno Chanda is comical relief after Iftar. This is the second season of the drama and the story has continued from the events of the last season. This is our daily light hearted dose of comedy that we would definitely recommend to you all.

First Impression: Suno Chanda 2 Begins With a Bang!

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