On Wednesday we currently do not have any drama that is good enough to be watched except Suno Chanda 2. With Khaas being a major disappointment, we do not recommend you follow that.

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The drama has created a mean, egoistic husband who doesn’t see the error in his ways. Instead he is hell bent on insulting his wife in the name of kidding around. The drama is extremely sad and disturbing, it is rather a disappointment as it was Sanam Baloch’s come back drama.

Sanam Baloch & Ali Rehman Khan in Khas
Sanam Baloch & Ali Rehman Khan in Khas

Coming back to Suno Chanda 2, the drama has been our top choice for almost every day. This Ramazan special airs every day to brighten up our Ramazan nights and help us unwind to it comical story line.

The characters and incidents combined create a fun filled one hour slot of entertainment which cannot be missed. The additional characters this season have been a great contribution to the drama’s comedy arc.

With so many characters and so much going on, the makers have managed to maintain a balance and sense of sanity in the show. If you are looking for some laughs and something that can be watched without worrying about it being too intense, Suno Chanda 2 is definitely your best bet.

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