Friday has been a dull day in terms of providing quality dramas, however when Yaariyan started we had some hope that this pattern will change. The star cast was enough to get us excited about this drama however all in vain.

The drama has failed to make an impression, with five episodes in it remains a run of the mill, messed up narrative that is been given some of the industry’s finest. The drama fails to excite us and the drama’s actors are the only saving grace.

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How was the mega episode of Yaariyan?

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So we are pretty much left with one option and we are very happy with it. Suno Chanda 2 continues to entertain us with its quality comedy. The drama will be airing throughout Ramazan every day, so we are in for a good one hour of unwinding everyday.

The characters and narrative is what makes this serial interesting. We look forward to seeing what new eccentricity will come from this gang next. So be sure to check it out!


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