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The three prominent dramas airing tonight are Kaisa Hai Naseeban, Qaid and Tajdeed-e-wafa. To find out which drama is worth your time, watch the video or read on!

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Kaisa Hai Naseeban (ARY) IDream Productions

Kaisa Hai Naseeban is an immensely popular drama these days. The drama stars Muneeb Butt and Ramsha Khan in lead roles as Ahmad and Mariam. The drama’s latest episode ends as Mariam and her family are fooled into believing that Ahmad’s mother had a heart attack and Mariam is made to go back to Malaysia with Ahmed.

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Once there, Ahmad unleashes his wrath upon Mariam and tears off her passport. The next episode will show how Mariam will cope with the cruel circumstances and bear her abusive husband.

The drama has done such a wonderful job in raising awareness about marital abuse and we have enjoyed every minute of it. By being both meaningful and well-made, Kaisa Hai Naseeban has really nailed it with its story!

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Qaid (Geo Tv) Showcase Productions

The Zara Noor Abbas and Syed Jibran starrer Qaid airs on Geo Tv. Reham continues to suffer as every members of the house plots in their own different ways against her.

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Only Bari Apa shows pity on Reham as always but this time she advises her to take a divorce from Ashir to save herself. However, Reham refuses to get a divorce and insists on staying in that house. The biggest reason for this is obviously that she has nowhere else to go as apart from her mother the rest of Reham’s family has shunned her.

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This drama has been following the same story from a couple of episodes now and it feels like a drag. It isn’t offering anything new in terms of development of the plot and is rather disappointing. Hopefully the next episode will offer us something new!

Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

Tajdeed e Wafa is a complex story which has become slow and dragged now. Asher has lured Vareesha while he is still in love with Hareem and yet he wishes not to marry. On the other side, Asher and Hareem become more friendly as Hareem takes care of the children regularly; she also urges him to let the children meet Neha.

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While the development of Asher and Hareem was a nice addition, Arsal’s character seems to just get worse day by day. Even his father who was initially shown as a bad person begins to attempt to redeem the way he had behaved with his wife. But Arsal and Vareesha are the only two characters that are dislikeable and we hope they change for the better

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We definitely recommend Kaisa Hai Naseeban out of the three. This drama is spreading awareness about an extremely important issue which is marital abuse, and explores the different facets of it instead of the typical abuse scenario. Through Mariam’s story we see a bigger picture of the problem in our society. The actors playing Mariam and Ahmed, Ramsha Khan and Muneeb Butt, are perfect for the roles and round off the quality of the drama pretty well!

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