On Thursday we have four good dramas airing at different times.When there is variety of dramas airing on various channel it gets difficult to choose which one to watch. We are here to help you with your conundrum. First have a look at all the dramas airing tonight!

Chanda 2
HUM TV9.10 PMIqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed,
Nadia Afghan, Raza Talish
Arjumand Rahim,
HaniaARY8:00 PMJunaid Khan & Zoya Nasir
AanganHum8:00 PMSajal Aly, Ahad Raza Mir,
Mawra Hocane.
Geo8:00 PMMadiha Imam & Danish Taimoor

EPK Picks

Suno Chanda 2

Here is why….

Suno Chanda 2 has remained consistent throughout its run. It offers light content and is absolutely enjoyable. While all characters have been given equal screen space, every character has its moments that make them stand out in one episode or the other. We look forward to seeing them every day and find out what the gang is up to next.

Although our recommendation is Suno Chanda 2, Mera Rab Waris has a good narrative as well and its beautiful characterization make it a good watch. If you have been following it, do check it out tonight as well.


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