Monday have two interesting dramas playing, first we have Bandish and then brand new Inkaar. While one has a horror and dark theme to it, Inkaar has a twisted love story at its heart.

Bandish (ARY Digital)

The horror and dark magic themed drama is coming towards it conclusion. The drama has been high on buzz since its very beginning. The drama highlights the issue of black magic aptly and the story is very captivating.

Drama Recommendation: Bandish Continues To Spook Us With Its Dark Story!

The horror genre has been dealt with in a masterful way, with scenes so intense and we were often on our toes with what will happen next.

Inkaar (HUM TV)

The super fresh drama is another love story, with it unique twists and turns. Hajra (Yumna Zaidi) has been terrorized by Rehan(Imran Ashraf) but she manages to put her past behind due to Shayan ( Sami Khan). However Rehan’s return will complicate things. Also they both know Rehan in a personal capacity yet haven’t revealed it to each other.

Sami Khan & Yumna Zaidi impress us in Inkaar!

How will this fact unravel and what will happen next is surely exciting. While Bandish seems to be wrapping things up, Inkaar is just beginning, so we would recommend that you watch Inkaar tonight!

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