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In competition with the popular Froze Khan and Sana Javed starrer Romeo Weds Heer, we now have a new contender in the form of HUM’s Anaa, starring the talented Hania Amir in the lead role. The third drama airing on a Sunday is Hoor Pari on Aplus.

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So which drama should you watch on a Sunday? Watch the video or read on for your recommendation for tonight!

Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

This comical drama has been doing really well. Romeo and Heer are all set to get married and it appears the wedding is not going to happen as smoothly as it should have. Romeo gets kidnapped in the previous episode.

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Things are certainly getting exciting now with the kidnapping and the climax s being well-executed as well. Overall, we like the chemistry between Romeo and Heer and the lighthearted moments throughout the drama that dilute any seriousness.

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Anaa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

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The newly started Anaa has unfolded an interesting love story between Daneen and Areesh. The drama stars the popular Hania Amir which definitely contributes to its fame. The drama has been able to create a buzz but let’s see if its able to maintain it or not!

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Hoor Pari (APlus)

Hoor Pari is relatively mediocre when compared to the other two. Nothing is new in this drama, but the story is also not necessarily bad. The drama is about a widow who has to take care of her daughters in midst of negative advances of the society.

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As per EPK ratings as devised by expert opinion, we recommend Anaa as the drama has opened very nicely. Rome Weds Heer started off with a bang with the popular pairing of Sana Javed and Feroze Khan however the drama has lost its charm over time due to its content while Anaa’s presence has definitely made heads turn, question remains, will Anaa be able to maintain its buzz? Let’s watch more of it to find out!

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