After Bandish’s exit last week we were sad to be only left with Inkaar, however turns out Bandish has been replaced by Do Bol. This makes our Mondays even more exciting than before. So among Do bol and Inkaar which one should be your pick? Read on to find out!

Inkaar (HUM TV)

After Hajra finds out about Rehan and Shayan, she holds court, and it seems like she has decided in Shayan’s favor as the upcoming episode shows her getting engaged to him.She also tells Rehan off however he is extremely stubborn and we will see him play another trick to try and steal Hajra away. The story is very intriguing as you never know what is the next trick Rehan has up his sleeve.

Do Bol (ARY Digital)

The drama is just four double episodes away from ending. Although Badar and Gaiti have reunited, Badar has not been assured of her feelings towards him. The fact that she was in love with Sameer will always remain in the back of his mind and will create a wedge between the two. We are looking forward to see what happens next!

Both the dramas have their positives, and Inkaar has us intrigued, however since Do Bol has been going so well, we would suggest go for it this week as it is soon ending.

Which drama will you be watching?


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