On Sunday we have two entertainers ,both with good casts.Firstly there is Anaa and then there is Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan. So which one should be your first choice? We are here to help you with your conundrum.

First lets have a look at the dramas airing on various channels!

Shahrukh Ki
Geo TV8:00 PMAhsan Khan & Ramsha Khan
AnaaHUM TV8:00 PMHania Amir,
Shahzad Sheikh,
Naimal Khawar,
Usman Mukhtar
Hoor PariA Plus9:00 PMSaman Ansari,
Ammara Butt

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Here is Why

Anaa has turned out to an interesting story of love, family and family politics. The relationships between the characters are complicated yet the drama manages to take the story forward in a simple and natural flow. There is no unnecessary dramatization and the characters are some what relatable. The drama is midway through its run and the story has grown on us. We look forward to a new episode every week!

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