Wednesdays have been pretty much have being ruled by Do Bol as the other channels didn’t have anything good to watch. With Khaas we had hoped that this would change. Did Khaas manage to do just that ? Read on to find out!

Khaas (HUM TV)

Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman Khan starrer has failed to leave much of an impression. So far the characters are coming off as typical and the drama does not seem to offer something new.

This makes it less likeable, we do not see the drama heading in an interesting direction. Unless you are a die hard fan, we would recommend you keep reading.

Do Bol (ARY Digital)

This is day Three for Do Bol and this will be the second last episode of drama so we are hoping for some intense developments in the story that will carry into the last episode. The story has gotten slow in the last two episodes, so it is essential that the drama gets crisp again.

The upcoming episode teaser showed that the Badar’s doubt will turn into assurance as he picks up Sameer’s call for Gaiti. Sameer doesn’t know when to give up and he is further creating trouble for her. Gaiti is oblivious to all this and will be hit hard with this.

Things are about to get intense and troublesome or at least that is what is being implied. Lets see how Gaiti will prove her loyalty to Badar and how Sameer will finally get the hint to back off.

While we were feeling sorry for Sameer previously, his continous stubborness has made him rather annoying. For sake of closure we would recommend that you watch it.


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