Do Bol's OST: Love, Heartbreak, Betrayal & Strong Bond of Marriage

On Tuesday our top three picks for you include Kamzarf, Meray Humdum and Wajahat Hussain’s Do Bol. Kam Zarf has a very compelling story which is relatable yet typical, offering us nothing new. Mera Humdum has been the least impressive among the three.

Does Badar Really Deserve To Be With Geeti In Do Bol?

The drama that has been an entertainer is Hira Mani’s Do Bol. The story of the drama is very captivating and it makes you want to come back next week and see what happens next!

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed
Hira Mani and Affan Waheed

With 10 episodes in, Do Bol has laid basis on which the story will be progressing. So far we have seen an unlikely and an unwanted union, which has landed Geeti into Badar’s life.

Now Geeti is struggling to make peace with her misfortune and getting accustomed to the lifestyle Badar can provide her, which is way beneath her father’s house.

This drama has put forth a story that is slightly different than your run of the mill love story. Badar’s love for Geeti maybe sincere, but he isn’t exactly a straight arrow. He did try to manipulate the relation between Geeti and Sameer.

Do Bol Creates A huge Impact On Ratings

We are looking forward to see how Geeti reacts when she finds out Badar’d intentions weren’t pure. Also ever since their plan failed and she is forced to marry Badar, Geeti and Sameer haven’t crossed paths.

Do Bol-Hira Mani
Do Bol-Hira Mani

The upcoming episode will show their encounter as well, and what Geeti believes we can only expect her to react in a negative way. While Sameer did nothing wrong, he has become the bad guy.

The way the drama is progressing, we can expect some interesting twist and turns that will make this drama even more compelling. For Tuesday we would recommend you catching up with Geeti and Badar for some beautiful dialogues and fantastic acting!

Which drama will you be tuning in for?


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