Saturday is the most entertaining day for drama fans as we get not one but two super hit serials. We are always torn between the two when it comes to choosing one over the other! The content of both the dramas is extremely unconventional and interesting that neither can be missed!

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum TV)

Lately the pace of the drama has gotten slow and however the drama has not lost its charm. Imran Ashraf continues to amaze us as Bhola. Sahir’s negative shades are coming out and from the looks of it he is serious about getting Noori back.

Iqra Aziz in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

The drama has also raised voice on a social evil that is often avoided or misinterpreted as right. The issue is martial rape, the director has highlighted the issue in a very responsible way. The following episode will put Bhola and Noori both in greater problems.

Cheekh (ARY Digital)

This crime thriller drama has had us on the edge of our seat since its first episode. The drama has an intense and intriguing plot which keeps getting better.As Mannat continue to pursue the case against Wajih, she is putting herself in more difficult position. Wajih and Yawar have begun conspiring to kill her as the legal battle begins. At the same time Shayan unsure about going up against his brother. The situation is about to get worse for Mannat how will she survive these hit and what will happen next is something look forward to.

Emmad Irfani and Bilal Abbas in Cheekh

In tonight’s episode both dramas are going to get some major developments in terms of plot, so it is very difficult to choose one over the other. While it is by a very slim margin we would suggest Cheekh as Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has been progressing in a similar pattern for the last few episodes.

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