Saturdays are the ultimate drama entertainers for drama buffs. The two dramas that have been going so well are what we look forward to every Saturday.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (HUM TV)

The drama’s story had been going on a slow pace for the past few episodes, but for the right reasons. It was just a built up to what was to come. Last week’s episode saw what we never anticipated. It seems that Noori is getting convinced to betray Bhola. Her betrayal will not only be heartbreaking but also unexpected.

Noori and Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi
Noori and Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Nusrat’s reaction upon finding out that Noori has turned will be something to look forward to. We feel sorry for Bhola yet Noori’s decision isn’t entirely irrational either. Following her marriage to a mentally unstable man and then marital abuse are major contributors for her to take this wrong step. The story has taken an interesting direction and we are ready for what is to come.

Cheek (ARY Digital)

Mannat is not backing down, and Wajih can’t take it. Beside scheming for her murder, he is using all possible routes to dissuade her. The latest in his attempts would be him threatening Mannat’s mother. While Shayan, Yawar and Wajih’s face offs have been highlights of previous few episode, this episode will have Mannat in the forefront as she pounces at Wajih. This is something to look forward to,after his confession, this will probably the most intense exchange between the two.

Mannat and Wajih in Cheekh

Nayyer Ejaz will also be making appearance in this episode and we have been missing him to be honest. His character lightens the mood and is a must have in a super intense drama like Cheekh. We do hope to see more court room scenes in this episode as well.

One thing is for sure , both dramas have become even more interesting, which makes our task very difficult. Both cannot be missed so go check out both!

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