The build up of Cheekh was so excellent that it got us hooked. The drama has developed beautifully and with many revelations, there came a point where it seemed that the story was heading for a stand still.

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Cheekh cast

However we were not disappointed, as the drama brought in yet another pivotal character into play. Shayaan had been in the background lending support through Skype and we were convinced that is all we will see him do.

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However his return to Pakistan has made his entry into the main plot exciting. Unlike the rest of the family who are hell bent on banishing Mannat and getting rid of the case, Shayaan is a breather for Mannat.

He not only decides to give her the benefit of doubt, he is actually suspecting something is not right.

Cheekh’s Shayaan Yet Another Essential Player in the Plot

Zanjabeel Asim has crafted each character of the show so beautifully and included them in a way that they all serve a purpose.

Cheekh's Cast from Sets
Cheekh’s Cast from Sets

Excluding even one would completely change the dynamic of the drama. This is what makes the drama extremely interesting and all character important in their own way!

Cheekh’s Characterization A Class Apart!

The story is about to get even more intense as now the legal battle will begin. Shabbir Jan presence as a corrupt lawyer as well as Nayyer Ejaz as a corrupt police officer are so convincing and apt! Nayyer Ejaz as Amir Khan has been an entertaining character who does he part so flawlessly that you actually despise him.

The upcoming episode promo indicates that the house members have formed a divide, with at least one member on Mannat’s side finally! Things about to get even more intense and that is what we love about Cheekh!

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  1. […] Cheekh keeps getting interesting with every episode. The inclusion of Shayaan has really got the story intense as the house has formed a divide. Shayaan has seen Wajih for the monster he is, and is willing to go to lengths to support Mannat. What will happen next is something to look forward to, so keep this drama in you watch list for sure! […]