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Saturdays are a treat for drama lovers with exceptional drama content being aired. Normally we recommend only one drama for the day, however we will be making an exception.

On Saturday we have two power packed exceptional dramas that are of completely different genre. One is the Big Bang Entertainment Cheekh and the other is MD Productions Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. So what makes these two drama tough to choose from? Read on to find more!

Cheekh (ARY Digital)

Cheekh is rather a fresh serial yet it has cast a web that has audiences entangled since its first episode! The magic is in the beautifully and intelligently crafted story line that keeps the viewers hooked. The drama stars Saba Qamar in the lead as Mannat, who is up against her friend’s murderer and brother in law Wajih( Bilal Abbas).

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Bilal, who is playing a negative for the first time, has been flawless and convincing as the psychopath who has not only murdered Nayab but also had the audacity to admit it to Mannat followed by constant gloating and torture upon her silence. The story keeps getting intense with every episode. How will Mannat bring Wajih to justice we have yet to find out!

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The genre that Cheekh is venturing is is unlike any other out there. It started off with mystery and intrigue to an intense story of characters turning a blind eye, the hypocrisy and cowardice of our society, injustice and dominance of greed over of seeking justice and doing right by the victim. Cheekh has set out on the journey to set an example and invoke people to speak up!

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (HUM TV)

The Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf starrer has been a one of a kind story. The characterization of both Noori and Bhola are so well thought which makes the drama over the top. Imran Ashraf has been winning hearts with his exceptional acting of a mentally challenged person.

Noori on the other hand is an amalgamation of fierce, bold and softhearted person. The last week’s episode saw numerous developments in the story, Noori has begun to handle Bhola well as they begin to develop an understanding.

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On the other hand Sahir has returned to Noori’s life who had abandoned her when she had no one. How will Noori handle this confrontation and his return in her life will be interesting to watch. There is also hope that Bhola can be treated, which creates a new dimension to the story.

All in all The drama’s story is unfolding beautifully and audiences are hooked to the drama. The drama is unlike the usual love story and has an extremely strong narrative.

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Khud Parast (ARY Digital)

Ramsha Khan and Shahzad Sheikh starrer Khud Parast has been on air for some time now. it comes at number three in our list. The drama deals with family conflict, double standards and revenge. Uswa played by Ramsha Khan is a strong character who decides to go down the wrong path for sake of avenging those who mistreated her. In recent developments Uswa has been divorced by her husband and is getting married to another man, who will turn out to be karma for her wrong actions. The drama airs right after Cheekh so you can always tune in. having said that, while the drama had started on very strong note, its story has lost it appeal over time.


As per EPK ratings as devised by expert opinion, Cheekh is leading by slim margin. Cheekh is still developing and in almost every episode we get another surprise, the drama’s story is still developing which makes it all the more appealing to catch every week.

Having said that, Ranjha Ranja Kardi, is not your run of the mill typical drama that can be passed up for something better. It is difficult to choose between the two.

We would suggest catching both!


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