If you are looking for something serious to watch we have just the right drama for you. Also if you want to opt for something rather light and funny we have one suggestion for that too. It is Tuesday and this day of the week has some quality entertainment to offer. So what should you be watching tonight read on and find!

Nadia Khan’s character keeps Kam Zarf Crisp!

Kam Zarf (Geo TV)

Nadia Khan starrer has been praised for its content. Although the story is some what similar the approach taken by the makers is different. The family dynamics shown is different as well as engaging. Aima may have succeeded in making her marriage public, however she has found out the truth about her husband’s second wife.

Aima is not one to give up so she will try her best to kick her out of their lives. However it seems that things will continue to go against her. The drama has gotten interesting.

Suno Chanda 2

The comedy drama has been one of our hot favorites recently. The drama’s comical characters keep the drama crisp and entertaining. While Arsal and Jiya’s fights are a regular custom, their recent fight has us hoping they work things out. The fight has become serious and we have noticed a shift in the tone of the drama as well in the previous episode.

We would recommend you watch Suno Chanda 2 for some light content. And if you have been following Kam Zarf be sure to check out tonight’s episode to see what will be Aima’s next move.


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