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Prominent Tuesday dramas include Kam Zarf on Geo Tv and Mere Humdum on Hum Tv. IDream’s Beti featured its last episode last week on ARY and it has previously been leading on Tuesdays with its impressive storyline.

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While we are sad to see such a good drama go, a new drama is replacing it, starring Hira Mani and Affan Waheed. The drama is titled, “Do Bol” and looks promising. It will be interesting to see if it makes it to out drama recommendation list or not. We have top 2 dramas with us today. Read on for your daily drama recommendation!

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Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions:

Fozia finally decides to leave Azhar as Azhar never accepted her and continues to mistreat her. The sudden change in storyline is surely attractive and was much needed as the story was getting repetitive.

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Perhaps tonight’s episode would further empower Fozia’s character and give out a fitting message. In addition, Asim has decided to marry Faria and is ready to oppose and challenge Aima’s authority in the house, something that Azhar failed to do. With so many events unfolding, the drama has certainly become more intriguing.

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Mere Humdum (HUM Tv) MD Productions

Warda, Osama and Haris are tangled in a love triangle while Paras continues to probe in Warda and Haris’s life. It will be interesting to see how Warda will react to the presence of Paras when she finally finds out because right now she is in the dark about Haris’ character. The story has come to a stagnant point here but we hope it develops and progresses more.

Do Bol (ARY) Six Sigma Production

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A promising new drama is starting on Ary. The drama, ‘Do Bol’ features
Affan Waheed and Hira Mani in the lead roles. It is a heartening story of how love blossoms between the duo after their marriage.

The tagline, ‘Nikkah ke do bol dil badal detay hain‘ is fitting and much needed. It promotes the institution of marriage at a time when we see many dramas painting a negative image of marriage leading to domestic violence and divorce.

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As per EPK ratings as devised by expert opinion, Kam Zarf has taken the lead after Beti. The drama’s pacing has improved and Aima’s character in particular has always been an interesting character who drives the whole drama with her. We are also interested to see how will Fozia’s absence affect Azhar.

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