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Prominent Friday dramas include Baandi on Hum Tv and Noor Bib on Geo Tv, while another drama Jaal on Hum Tv is yet to inaugurate. The drama Jaal stars the immensely loved Bhola famed Imran Ashraf and is hence on our radar! Watch the video or read on to get your drama recommendation for tonight!

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Baandi (Hum Tv) Moomal Entertainment

Wali’s search for Meeru might have ended but the troubles have only just begun. When Babu Jee reveals the actual events to him, Wali realizes how blind he had been to his own parents’ guilt, specially his mother whom he had already begun to suspect.

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But while Wali has found Meeru, the numerous other people out to end Meeru’s life are also closer to finding her. Faiza seems to be inching closer to ending Meeru’s life, while Tahwaar seems to have a plan set in place already.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have been consistent in excellent performances throughout! It will be interesting to see how Wali confront and punish his own parents for what they did to Meeru.

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Noor Bibi (Geo Tv)

Raja Shaukat is married to more wives than we can count now and on the other hand, Noor Bibi continues to remain her wicked and manipulative self. Many times, Noor Bibi is too much to watch and it has added in unnecessary characters with no particular personalities or defining qualities which has really affected the drama negatively.

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“Baandi” highlights many ills in our society. The drama is increasingly becoming interesting as it inches towards its climax where Wali will confront his parents. Faiza with her narrow minded mentality and the feudal lord Tahawar have caused enough harm to Meeru and many like them exist in our society. Baandi preaches the social message of equality and has taken an interesting turn. We surely recommend Baandi for tonight!

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