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We have two good dramas on Thursday, Aangan and Mera Rab Waris. While one offers a modern day love story the other takes us back in time. So which one to choose from?

Aangan (Hum TV)

The period drama is getting interesting with every passing episode. Chammi breathes soul into the serial. Last episode showed her getting married, but the groom is still a mystery. It is rather intriguing to see who her mystery man is. Chammi who is often full of joy and mischief is not entirely happy with her fate as she had given her heart to Jameel.Also the teaser shows that she is getting married to a guy twice her age. This is extremely heartbreaking. Also this will completely kill the lively girl that she is. What the future holds for Chammi and Aliya is something to look forward to.

Aangan’s Chammi, a fitting addition to Sajal Ali’s various adorable characters!

We are often shown Aliya day dreaming about taking a stand for Izhar Chacha but still hasn’t. It will be truly heartening to see her do so and come out as the strong female lead that we had hoped for when the drama first started. The setting and direction of the drama is absolutely beautiful convincing us of the period it has been set in!

Mera Rab Waris (Geo TV)

An unlikely union is about to take place and that too despite the opposition of many. Aisha is walking into a troubling situation and she is completely oblivious about it. Aisha’s characterization is absolutely beautiful she is wise, religious, caring and at the same time confident. For her things are black and white, what the future holds would be completely different and challenging. The story is beautiful and we would like to see how these two can make it work.

Watch Out For The Heartbreak in Mera Rab Waris!

Since Aisha and Haris’s story has just begun, we would like to see how their relationship develop. There is hope for this couple and less sadness. At least that is what we hope happens. So we would recommend you going for Mera Rab Waris.

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