Since its very start Do Bol has managed to rule Tuesdays . There is also another drama that seem to have caught momentum, in previous few episodes. This is Nadia Khan and Junaid Khan starrer Kam Zarf.

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Kam Zarf (Geo TV)

The drama essentially revolves around sibling relationship, where Nadia Khan as Aima is the dominating sister who expects her siblings to follow her mindlessly. Things have started to get out of her control as they have all grown up and have their personal lives. Aima’s past is also something that she has kept from the family. Her husband is now using her to get money but she is oblivious to his intentions.

The younger brother is eager to marry as well and the upcoming promo shows that he goes to set the date without Aima. When she finds out she is both furious and angry. It is interesting how things are going, and what will happen next.

Do Bol (ARY Digital)

Badar is struggling with the fact that Gaiti is gone, at the same time, Gaiti is trying to get acceptance. Her step father is not happy with her staying there and she has sensed it. Jahanara on the other hand is forcing Gaiti to take a decision regarding her marriage to Badar. The upcoming episode will take this issue forward. Also Sameer is back in the picture and things will get confusing for Gaiti.

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The story is slowly unfolding, and it looks like there are few bumps in the road before Badar and Gaiti can get their lives sorted as a married couple. We would recommend you go for Do Bol, which will be airing double episode. So check it out!


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