On Tuesday we have limited choices to pick from in terms of dramas. Not many have managed to impress us lately and we only have Kam Zarf and Do Bol on our radar.

Ep23,24: Gaiti Finally Admits Her Love For Badar!

Kam Zarf (Geo Tv)

The Nadia Khan and Junaid Khan starrer has recently gotten interesting. As the episodes have progressed we have seen Aima’s siblings have gone from being under her influence to becoming more self reliant. They have begun to take their own life’s decisions like her younger brother wanting to marry the girl of his choice and also setting the date without her presence.

Aima is losing her grip on them and her personal life is messed up as well. How will she deal with it all is something to look forward to.

Do Bol (ARY Digital)

It is day two for Do Bol. The drama seemed to be going towards a happier note, but it seems that there are still a few bumps along the way. While Gaiti and Badar are back together, Badar’s insecurities regarding Sameer restrict him from celebrating her return.

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He even asks Gaiti to go back to Sameer if she wishes. However Gaiti manages to assure him and it seems that they have reached their happy ending. However the people around them are not their well wishers and deliberately making things worse for them.

The happy moment was short lived and the upcoming episode showed how Badar’s cousin shows him a video of Gaiti and Sameer’s meet up. This will worsen the situation.

Lets hope that the story manages to maintain its quality and does not linger when it is towards its end. The drama is nearing its end and cannot be missed. So we suggest you go a double dose of DO Bol tonight as well!


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