Begin your weekend with a dose of drama by watching some of your favorite actors on screen. There are two dramas worth mentioning.

1.Baandi (Hum TV)

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s Baandi is coming to a conclusion with a total of 33 episodes. The drama centered around Meeru who is being pursued by the village’s feudal lord (Tahawar) who has bad intentions.To escape him, she is fled to the city where she is appointed in a house as a maid. There she meets Wali who is a police officer and the youngest son of her employer. Wali falls in love with her and upon this revelation his parents burn her.

Baandi: It’s a wrap? Not Yet!

Fortunately she is saved but badly injured, when Wali finds out he decides to avenge his own family and get Meeru the justice she deserves. As the drama is concluding we see that his father and Tahawar are in jail. It seems like his arrogant mother has gone insane. If you have been following the drama and are looking for closure do check out its last episode.

Yaariyan (Geo TV)

Ayeza Khan, Muneeb Butt, Junaid Khan and Momal Sheikh have come together for a serial centering around love, loss and misunderstanding. With just two episodes in the drama’s story is building up. Momal is particularly standing out in her avatar as Sadia and looks very pretty as well. The drama started off well, however the second episode was rather slow.

Yaariyan Ep 2: Unfolds quality direction & four interesting characters

The upcoming episode looks like the story will move forward. Lets see what this episode holds. The drama is new so we can anticipate that there will be something new and fresh coming our way. We would recommend this over Baandi as we already know how Baandi will end.


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