Friday has been a bit of a downer in terms of dramas with none in recent times managing to stand out. While Baandi was doing well for some time it lost its touch, and now the drama has concluded.

After Baandi we had our hopes up with Yaariyan, however the Ayeza Khan starrer has been nothing but a disappointment. So we have no hope from it in the future either.

Suno Chanda 2 Ep 17: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

One drama that has made our Friday entertaining is the Ramazan special Suno Chanda 2. The variety of characteristic given to each character makes our nights special.

While the narrative is very simple, the drama is very entertaining with very sweet and adorable moments. The drama makes use of various character traits to keep every episode crisp and we are taken through the entire house from one character to another all of whom are some what involved in one issue.

The episode is well balanced with all characters included tactfully instead of making it concentrated on two three actors. The supporting cast is extremely essential for the drama as they add color to the story that can only be added them.

Terminator Dark Fate Teaser Trailer Fails To Excite!

We would recommend catching this drama tonight for an hour of laughter and relaxation. Which drama will you be watching tonight?

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