Bandish last episode

Bandish has been spooking us with its dark theme of black magic being inflicted on a family by a envious woman Sumbal. While we have seen Sumbal having the upper hand up until now, tables are about to turn as Marina Khan(Madiha) is about to find out the truth about the person behind it.

Monday Reviews: Horror Drama Bandish takes the lead!

The story is further unfolding, and they will finally find out that she is the one who has been doing all this and also the reason behind her doings. Sania after falling for Sumbal’s trap is seen stuck in a dim lit scary room yelling to let her go!


The family is finally learning more about the misfortune that they have been wrapped into and looks like they will now be in better position to fight back. The story is about to get interesting as the other side is going to get strong now that they know who they are up against.

Drama Recommendation: Bandish gives us the chills!

Bandish is one of those rarities that continue to amaze us with its dark horror theme. All the characters have been performing extremely well, making the drama even more convincing and the terrors even more real!

We suggest you get you Monday drama fix by watch this! How have you been liking the drama so far?


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