Friday is rather a dull day in terms of quality dramas. The three prominent dramas airing that day include Baandi, Jaal and Noor Bibi.

Baandi (Hum Tv)

The drama revolves around the life of Meeru( Aiman Khan) whose father is in debt of the feudal lord who has his eyes on her as well. In order to save her from him, her parents send her off to the city to work in somebody’s house.

Aiman Khan & Mubeeb Butt’s Baandi makes a good watch!

Her troubles do not end there and she is faced with new challenges and ends up getting burned alive. She is saved however she is in pretty bad shape.

Friday Reviews: Muneeb Butt & Aiman Khan add charm to Baandi!

Now that the Wali (Muneeb Butt) who happens to be the son of the couple who burned Meeru has found out the truth, he is going to get them arrested.The drama is moving towards its conclusion so it will be interesting to see what will happen. Wali’s mother is out to get her opponents, but it is about time she fails and face the punishment for her doings !

Jaal(Hum TV)

Jaal stars Imran Ashraf, Ali Kazmi and Sumbul Iqbal. The drama airs at 9 Pm slot on HUM TV. The serial is relatively new and the story is developing. The theme of the drama is cliche and the love, betrayal and heartbreak mantra seems monotonous. Lets see if the drama get interesting as it progresses.

Bhola famed Imran Ashraf to star in an upcoming drama Jaal

Noor Bibi (Geo Tv)

Noor Bibi has a prominent cast including Resham and Sanam Chaudhry, and centres around black magic. However the drama has not been able to gain popularity and has been sinking in terms of content as well.

Considering the pace of all three dramas, it seems that Baandi amongst all three is your best bet. So which drama will you be catching?

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