Drama Guide: which drama is worth your time on Tuesday?

29 January Tuesday 2019

Beti on ARY, Kam Zarf on GEO and the newly begun Mere Humdam on HUM…lets analyze these dramas and find out which dramas are worth watching and which fall short of our expectations? While all three of these dramas feature prominent cast members and are directed by directors who have made brilliant projects before, let’s see if these particular dramas are up to our expectations or not.

Beti (ARY) IDream Production

Mariam tries to get to the bottom of who exactly her deceased mother had been having financial dealings with in this episode of Beti. The audience of course know of the involvement of Dadi and her family but Mariam has yet to figure it out. The same clash between Mariam and her husband’s family continues this time as well and really has come full circle. While the entire plotline of the mysterious financial dealings is relatively interesting, overall the drama has just found a niche to stick to and doesn’t try to venture out from it. Not that Beti is subpar; it actually is doing pretty good in comparison to other dramas. But it certainly can improve and do better by not falling into typical tropes of dramas specially since it started out so strong with a strong moral issue.

Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions

As predicted before, this type of story can only hold our attentions for so long. Azar attempts to convince his sister Aima to let him have his freedom in his love life but Aima’s controlling nature leads to her refusing to do so. Ironically, as this occurs, Aima’s own past returns to haunt her as she comes face to face with someone she was in love with but their parents’ death stopped her from pursuing it. The woman that Azar was in love with gets married to someone else, leading to Azar seeking revenge by hastily marrying. The story is quite convoluted and doesn’t even make an attempt at being original. There are certain positive parts about it though; the character of Aima is extremely well-written, as you can both sympathize with her and treat her as a villain. But it seems like Aima was the only character the writer chose to focus on, since every other person in the drama has no impact of their own.

Meray Humdam (HUM Tv) MD Productions

The new Sarah Khan starrer Meray Humdam seems extremely interesting and the first episode certainly didn’t waste time! Sarah Khan’s character Warda is a sharp, bright and lively girl who gets a job at an office where Syed Jibran’s character Osama works. Immediately, both feel a connection to each other. However, that connection is severed too soon as Osama finds out Warda is to be married to his best friend Haris, played by Gohar Mumtaz. We’re certainly glad this drama didn’t beat around the bush by building up too much tension and got to the conflict as soon as it could…it definitely made us curious to see more.


Meray Humdam has yet to establish its plot and show us if it’s really worth our time, and Kam Zarf doesn’t offer much originality. The verdict definitely goes in favor of Beti! At times, it does become so repetitive however if it actually returns to the root of the social issue it is bringing up, it would be the perfect drama. But this is merely a small flaw; you should definitely watch Beti and see for yourself! The drama offers convincing performances and a gripping storyline.

What are your thoughts on these dramas?

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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