Another weekend comes to an end accompanied with Romeo Weds Heer and Tajdeed e Wafa, both of which are adequate dramas in their own right. While Romeo Weds Heer is more comedic and lighthearted, Tajdeed e Wafa has recently taken a more grim and serious turn. Which  of these dramas is better overall? That depends on your own personal taste, but let’s see what happened this week in these dramas to decide which is the better drama.

Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

Continuing its story of Romeo and Heer’s wedding, Romeo’s mother finally gives in to pressure and agrees to let the marriage continue but only on her terms; she doesn’t reveal her terms yet, which creates some mystery and intrigue in this episode. On the other side, Heer’s family begins to prepare enthusiastically with wedding invitations and other things. But unforeseen events occur in Romeo’s life that threaten to harm this peace. Furyaal finds out about the wedding and sends her father to talk to Romeo. As of yet, no one else knows about this but it is bound to create drama once more. As always, this episode was also filled with well-timed comedic lines and characters that don’t take themselves too seriously. There isn’t much progression overall but since it’s a comedy, the judging criteria should be different. When looked at from the lenses of a comedy, Romeo Weds Heer is honestly pretty well made and knows when a joke must be delivered and when it shouldn’t.

Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

The sad events from last week’s episode are continued on here as Arsal’s mother becomes even more forgetful and her dementia increases. The one sweet moment that happens is Arsal’s father talking to his wife and telling her how he should have treated her better in the past. Asher finally catches his children and Hareem meeting secretly and initially reacts angrily to this. But then when Hareem blames him for being a selfish father, he calms down and begins to see his mistakes. Arsal bears the blunt of his absentmindedness with Vareesha as talks about him marrying her start between the families. For me, the talk between Arsal’s father and mother were the saving grace of this episode; it was nice to see a previously negative character try to change his ways instead of suffering forever. But apart from this one positive aspect, the drama has become banal and repetitive at this point and should come to a conclusion already.


The winner this time is Romeo Weds Heer! As far as comedy goes, like said before, this is a relatively well made drama and the jokes are actually funny many of the times. Perhaps the slapstick comedy style of Romeo Weds Heer might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but overall there is nothing better than some light drama such as this. Tajdeed e Wafa definitely had the potential in the beginning, but it should wrap up its story by now since it seems like the plot is running out of interesting characteristics.

What did you think of these dramas?

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