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27 January Sunday Dramas
The episodes of this Sunday’s dramas were as pleasurable as ever! Quite a lot happened in each respective drama, and we hope you caught up on these shows as well. Romeo Weds Heer, Tajdeed e Wafa and Hoor Pari were the ones that came out on top this week as well, with higher ratings as well as a lot of interest by audience who watch them especially Romeo Weds Heer while the other two were only relatively higher than others. What happened this week in these dramas and what stood out from them? Read on to find out!

Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

The majorly comedy drama added in a bit of tension to its usual lighthearted air as Romeo’s family showed displeasure in the way Heer’s family behaved towards them. While Romeo and Heer had expected their families to meet up and finalize their wedding date, their plan took a turn for the worse and a huge divide was created between the two families. By the end, the issue is not resolved so it is expected to be a cause for clash in future episodes as well. Per usual, the drama remained a perfect balance of humor and drama, but this time put more emphasis on the latter. It certainly isn’t something we expected from Romeo Weds Heer but we sure know they’ll return to their antics soon enough. This drama has become such a staple family show nowadays that you can watch it with every person in the house and have a good time.

Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

This drama has suddenly dropped a few levels on our list of dramas worth watching. The entire plot has arrived at a standstill and stagnated to the point where either the writer will have to drop a huge twist or the makers will simply have to end the drama as a whole. This episode, Hareem for some reason becomes really close to Asher and Neha’s children; the fact that it was Hareem who the children reached out for even though we were never shown any interaction between them before was extremely random. Asher continues to visit Neha and talk to her while she’s in a coma, which is certainly the saddest scene of all. Meanwhile, Arsal gets closer to Warisha, who takes every chance she can to get closer to Arsal. Warisha seems almost stalkish and creepy now, and the episode ends on a very weird conversation between the two where Warisha confesses her love for Arsal and tells him how she would never leave. It’s about time this drama is wrapped up because we’re already tired of the same repetitive dialogues and characters.

Hoor Pari (Aplus) Mubashir Hassan

Hoor Pari is relatively mediocre when compared to the other two. Nothing is new in this drama, but the story is also not necessarily bad. Tehmina is forced to call Najeeb Ahmad to beg for money for her mother’s surgery, but obviously this move backfires by causing a fight not in just her sister’s house but also with Gulnaz who despises such begging for money. Durdana sneaks out behind everyone’s backs to meet Amjad even though he is obviously using her and wasting time with her. The episode ends when Gulnaz catches the two of them coming back home and storms away angrily. The dramatic scenes are so badly done it’s a shock that the director even decided it would fit in. They really need to work hard on improving the directing quality of their drama because Hoor Pari almost misses the mark of being a good drama.


Romeo Weds Heer wins by a huge margin. There really is no point watching the other two because your time will be wasted. So do yourself a favor and just watch Romeo Weds Heer, have a few laughs with your family and end your Sundays on a happy note instead of watching more forced tragedy and crying on screen.

Do you agree with the verdict? Do let me know in the comments!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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