28 January dramas Monday

Aatish, Dil Kia Karay and Bandish are all such vastly different dramas that it is hard to even begin to compare them. Aatish continues its story of Asma as she finally gives birth. Dil Kia Karay reveals its first tragedy of the story and Bandish amps up the horror factor of its plot! It was an exciting few episodes, especially since Dil Kia Karay and Bandish both aired double episodes last night.

Aatish (HUM Tv) MD Productions

After Zara threw Asma out of the house in a jealous fit last episode, the consequences of her actions take a toll on everyone as Asma lies in the hospital in critical condition, and even her baby’s health is in danger. Due to this, Zara begins to have bouts of regret and sadness as she realizes she had not treated Asma right. But a more positive change happens in Shehryar who after witnessing Asma in danger of dying, is hit with the realization that he needs to be more responsible and so stops running from his family and goes back home. Aatish has been a wonderfully entertaining show throughout and each of the characters are well-formed.

Dil Kia Karay (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

This drama was such a pleasant surprise all of a sudden! It was a good idea on the part of the makers to air double episodes because it not only helped the plot development by showing back to back episodes but also sparked audience interest. Aimen’s parents die in a tragic way this episode, and the way the scenes were shown was very well put. Arman also confesses finally what he feels about Aimen, even though Saadi and Aimen are in love with each other. I thought Feroze Khan did such wonderful acting with his character and the scene in which he discovers that Saadi and Aimen like each other was one of my favorites. This drama has only begun but has won our hearts with the relatable characters; no one is too over-the-top and are extremely believable. Suffice to say, Dil Kia Karay should definitely be given a chance!

Bandish (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment 

And now to the horror drama we were looking forward to all week! This week’s episode continued to develop the effects Sumbal’s dark magic has on Madiha’s family. In a heartbreaking scene, Madiha’s husband Junaid sneaks off on the pretence of work and secretly marries Sumbal’s sister Sandal. While Junaid is entrapped there, Sania suddenly collapses due to Sumbal cursing her when a family comes to ask for her hand in marriage, causing the entire family distress. The scariest part of the episode was Aleena getting possessed by an evil spirit. The double episodes were equally entertaining and fun to watch, and we’re certainly glad this particular topic is being given due attention as black magic is vapid in our society as a tool to manipulate the lives of people. However, some scenes were certainly overdone and didn’t seem scary as much as exaggerated. But for most parts, Bandish has been quite adequate.


Aatish continues to lead in terms of ratings and for good reason. It is a delight to watch. Azfar Rehman and Hina Altaf have beautiful chemistry and the drama is overall beautiful. Dil Kia Karay also has a high quality of dialogues and cinematography to offer. But obviously it depends on what your personal tastes are, and all three of these dramas sure are hard to pick from.

What did you think was the best drama this week?

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