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Geo films and Talisman studios has released the teaser of their upcoming animated project ‘Donkey King’ with a label of ‘fun of all ages’ which separates it from the common idea of animated movies which are just stuck to a specific bracket of age.

The film is directed by Aziz Jindani the director of famous animated serial “Commander Safegaurd” and according to the teaser it’s an interesting story of a donkey named ‘Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu’ who dreams big without caring about the fact that he is a ‘dhobi’. It seems like a very unique and locally relevant story targeting the audience of every age. Also it’s a totally different and innovative idea to introduce the animated film in Pakistan’s cinema industry.

Teaser so far is getting very stimulating response from the audience and critics. Looking at the response and the teaser it seems like the movie is going to have big attention from the audience on the release date October 13.


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