Donkey King has completed its 6th weekend yet it is still making lumps of money. So far it has managed to bag 20 crores.  There have been some animated movies before this in Pakistan, however this is the first movie that has made this much money. In fact the other movies have not even crossed the 10 crore mark.



We got the man behind this blockbuster to share his feelings on its success. Aziz Jindani told us that he is not a professional film maker, and he had told his team that if they cross the 10 crore mark our reputation will be secure, if we cross crore it means we have reached break even. If we make 25 crore I will  be fully committed to the industry.  They have made 20 crore so he is relying on audience to help him reach the set goal. He also mentioned that a sequel is a possibility but they don’t have any concrete idea about it yet.



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Upon asking whether he was anticipating the film to do so well or not, he said that this has been a very pleasant surprise. Neither the trade analysts that he had consulted nor himself expected such high numbers. He stressed on the fact that Donkey King’s success proves that as long as the content is good, it sells. It doesn’t matter if the movie is live action or animated. He was very ecstatic with all the success that Donkey King has received and we wish him well!

Watch the film maker talk exclusively to EPk about Donkey King’s success:


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