Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is no stranger to big achievements, beside being two time Oscar winner, she introduced local animated movies culture in Pakistan. The 3 Bahadur series has gone a long way in terms of becoming the only movie to be a trilogy in Pakistan.

3 Bahadur: the rise of the warriors released this weekend. With this being her third installment, we got a hold of the creative direction at the premier in Lahore for a quick chat.


What are your expectations from the third part of the series?

I’m expecting that we will do even better than the previous two films. More screens have opened up now also every child knows about 3 Bahadur and they are anxiously waiting for the movie. This is a family entertainment and I am certain that this film will do very well.

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Recently we have seen that with Donkey King new horizons have opened up for animated industry, do you think 3 Bahadur will further add on to that?

Donkey King is not a children’s film, it is an adult film and a masses film. My film is a children’s film it has a very different audience, it has a niche audience. We hope that all animated films, whatever audience they may be targeting, do well.Of course I congratulate Donkey King, they have done a wonderful job but that is not a children’s film.


You have added Dettol warriors in the film, do you think they are adding value in terms of box office?

Dettol Warriors is an interesting collaboration, it is the first step to a bigger thing that will be launching.

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