Whenever we hear or read the name of film Don, it always rings the name of Shah Rukh Khan to us. Don was first made back in 1978 starring Amitabh Bachchan in lead. Film was a Hit back in its time. Film was then remade in 2006 by Farhan Akhtar starring Shah Rukh Khan as Don.

It become hugely popular and collected 50 crores approx from India back in 2006. Furthermore, film collected over 100 crores from worldwide boxoffice. The dialogues of the film became extremely popular. The tagline dialogue i.e. “Don Ko Pakarna Mushkil Hi Nahi Na Mumkin Hai” is still favorite of many.

Who Is The New Star In Don 3?

Sequel of the film was then released in 2011 and it collected almost double of the first part. Don 2 collected over 100 crores approx from India and Worldwide gross went over 200 crores approx. Film saw around 1.5 crores footfalls in India and created multiple records in Overseas.

Back in 2011, Don 2 had run riot at Pakistani boxoffice by collecting over 7.25 crores approx. Film was highest grossing Hindi film at that time. Boxoffice numbers of Don 2 in Pakistan were more than double of Ra One which had released same year.

List Of Records Created By Don 2 in Pakistan Back In 2011.

Don was never a conventional Indian action film which would have been liked by masses. Rather Don was one of those rare action films which catered to niche audiences. Despite targeting only niche audiences, film did huge business due to the presence of King Khan.

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Shah Rukh Khan not only made a film like Don, which had story telling similar to western audiences, work big rather he brought his own swag to the character. His performance, swag and dialogue delivery became iconic. Its popularity can be measured by the fact that Don character is recognized with the name of Shah Rukh Khan only.

As per latest buzz from Bollywood, Mr Khan won’t be the part of third installment of the film. But that makes everyone wonder that who can fill the shoes of SRK. One just feel that it would be unjust to the character of Don if the character is given to some other star. Looking at the popularity of the film, change of the lead actor might backfire big time. We have seen such things multiple times recently in Hollywood. We just hope that these are all just rumors and they make the third installment with Shah Rukh Khan.

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