Dolly Darling aired Eid special episodes during the first two days of Eid which reminded us of Dr. Younis Butt’s classical sitcoms and made us realize that in order to execute his stories in the best possible manner, the best of actors are also required. So interesting and unpredictable were the situations, so flawless was everyone’s acting and such perfect synchronization existed between Nadia Khan and Uroosa Siddiqui, that all of this made Dolly Darling’s special episodes a desirable Eid treat.

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The Eid day 1 episode’s story revolved around Mustaqeem (Aijaz Aslam) trying to find a perfect location and a good host for shooting a show meant to promote GEO Films’ new project “Heer Maan Jaa”. The episode featured the upcoming film’s lead actors, Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan for real, all set for the show and waiting for the host who is kidnapped by Dolly (Nadia Khan) and Be-Misaal (Uroosa Siddiqui) so that Dolly can get a chance of hosting the show.

For that, Dolly assumes the role of the driver herself who has to pick the host from the airport and then implements her strategies under disguise. How she tries hard to then engage her guests but fails badly at doing so was quite interesting to watch. Thus, the audience were given three personas of Dolly in the episode, one of the wife, one of the Pathan driver, and one of an aspiring show host.

A double-role treat was given to us by Faryal Mehmood in the 2nd Eid episode, who played the role of a real celebrity doing a project for Mustaqeem, and also of a fake celebrity who cheats Dolly’s cousin into marrying her and then robs them of all their belongings with the help of a gang, the head of which is a guy named Namkeen (Rashid Farooqi). How the real and fake Pinky, as was the name given to her, come across and what happens next? That is for the audience to watch if they haven’t done that until now!

Dr. Younis Butt and Nadia Khan talk about Dolly Darling

Dolly Darling’s extremely humorous situations created by the writer and presented by the director through an excellent cast have been tugging at our heartstrings. Dolly Darling is a good piece of art, for hardly are such sitcoms made now which run not on cheap dialogues but on unexpected situations.

Despite having written so much, the writer was able to create fresh events in Dolly Darling. As far as the actors are concerned, Nadia Khan re-established herself as the queen of comedy. Although Uroosa Siddiqui is acting in another sitcom by Dr. Younis Butt, but it must be admitted that her chemistry and timing with Nadia Khan is one of its kind. Ali Rizvi also maintained his versatility throughout the sitcom by donning different expressions depending upon different situations.

In a sitcom full of laughter and comic scenes, the way Aijaz Aslam kept the seriousness of his character intact is also commendable. Each of them managed to create a uniqueness specific to their characters. The beautiful house which remained the setting of the sitcom throughout is also to be appreciated, for the colour schemes in its architecture complemented the light tone of the project and also its characters who presented various personalities present in the two neighbouring houses.

It must be said that Dolly Darling has changed our perception regarding Pakistani Sitcoms and it was so good that it demands to be continued. Dolly Darling will now be airing weekly episodes.

Nadia Khan’s character keeps Kam Zarf Crisp!

Dolly Darling would need to maintain the same kind of standard, incorporate a similar freshness, a similar spontaneity and a similar energy on the performers’ part in its coming episodes to keep us hooked!


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