They say true love is eternal. It makes one selfless, gracious, and giving. It gives you the strength to bear pain and do everything in your capacity to make your beloved happy. How can such a highly emotion make one selfish or cowardly? Affan Waheed’s character in Do Bol has become a fitting example of ‘deranged’ love.

His character Badar claims to be deeply in love with Geeti (Hira Mani). However, the intensity of his love has forced him to attain Geeti by any means. Badar has let his deranged feelings take over the better of him and he is willing to go to any lengths for making Geeti love him.

Affan Waheed & Hira Mani Starrer Do Bol Takes Us On An Emotional Ride!

However, does winning someone by unfair means give you internal satisfaction or is it really worth it? Badar’s love compels him to cheat and deceive both Geeti and Sameer. He manipulates his friend Sameer into thinking that Geeti does not have a good character. Not only does he blatantly assassinate the character of the woman he claims to love, he even succeeds in marrying her cunningly. However Sameer’s love does not decrease for Geeti. The actual true lover i.e. Sameer continues to trust her.

Do Bol

Badar’s character has been granted ample screen time. He appears to be badly in love with Geeti and is shown eager to take on any challenge in order to marry her. His evil means makes the audience think that he does not deserve Geeti, not because he is a financially crippled but rather because of the person he has become due to his mad love.

While love in actuality makes one self effacing, Badar has become the complete opposite. If Badar truly loved Geeti, he would be happy in her happiness.

Do Bol Creates A huge Impact On Ratings

Affan Waheed has given a phenomenal performance as Badar. His expressions depict the tarnodo of emotions within him. People not only love how well he is acting, they are also adoring his character generally. I believe this is one of those rare times, when a negative character is well able to garner love. Perhaps this is because his acting skills have left people spellbound!

Do Bol

In addition, the well written dialogues of the drama make his character more impactful. Nevertheless, despite Affan Waheed’s charming acting, the character surely does not deserve Geeti! He does not care about his parents nor Geeti’s actual happiness and seems to be only concerned about himself. While we see him making efforts to make his newly wedded wife Geeti happy now however we still can not entirely sympathize with his character.

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He even offered to take Geeti to her birth mother in order to please her. These scenes remind us of “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” where Ajay Devgan truly loved Aishwariya however he set a beautiful example of love by only caring for her happiness. In a drastic contrast, Badar is only concerned about Gaiti’s happiness in order to win her for himself.

Badar is a selfish character who works on the motive of his personal advantage. Amidst this, Sameer is still shown worrying for Geeti and is only concerned with finding out if she is happy or not.

Kaisa Hai Naseeban comes to a memorable end!

Badar may be a charming talker and his acts of love come across as romantic and moving, however one cannot actually forget what he did to marry her and therefore it makes one think if he actually deserves her or not.

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