Do Bol

Things are about to get extremely interesting and we the upcoming episode of Do Bol.

The drama is new yet it was already high on buzz even before it aired. The serial tells beautiful yet different story of love that lays basis after marriage and beautifies with the strong binding bond.

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Up until now the story has mostly revolved around Geeti and her family. We also witnessed her strong dislike for Badar while he on the other hand is smitten by her.

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The turn of events result in Geeti being forced to marry Zafar but instead she is swayed by Sameer. The next episode’s promo showed something really interesting!

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Sameer will talk Geeti into running away with him and she for some reason she is accompanied by Badar at the train station. Unfortunately, Sameer will back out and she will get caught .

The family will misinterpret and think that she was running away with Badar. This is where the trouble will begin for Geeti, as her family will force her into marrying Badar.

Affan Waheed and Hira Mani in Do Bol

The drama will highlight how society blames people based on assumptions and not believe their own blood in times like this, regardless of the consequences.

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Things are about to take a turn for the worse, how will Geeti cope with this change we are curious to know. Check out the teaser for episode 5 and tune in at 8 PM to find out more!


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