Tuesday Drama Reviews: Do Bol Vs Kam Zarf Vs Mere Humdum

Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions

Asim reveals his plan for Mona and Nouman’s marriage to Azar and the entire family joins forces to trick Aima into believing Mona and Nouman were never aware of each other previously. When Nouman comes to ask for Mona’s hand with his mother, Aima says many offensive things but Nouman is still intent on marrying Mona.

Asim’s plan is about to fail until he overhears Aima talking to Nabeel and begging him to come ask for her hand already. Sensing something is off, he follows his older sister the next day to see her meeting with Nouman, and decides to confront her about it.

Do Bol’s OST: Love, Heartbreak, Betrayal & Strong Bond of Marriage

While Aima becomes defensive, a few days later Mona and Nouman get engaged much to Aima’s chagrin. At this point Asim decides to reveal this to Azar and the episode ends with Azar receiving this shocking news. Not a moment is dull in this drama and although sometimes it is too overtly dramatic, there’s still some entertainment factor to Kam Zarf that has made it relatively famous.

Mere Humdum (HUM Tv) MD Productions

Haris still continues to be suspicious of Warda and Osama and his attitude plainly depicts that he is hiding something from his family. Warda on the other hand is convinced that the only way to fix this is if Osama gets married to her younger sister Aimen. But she does not consider for once that both of them would be well-aware of her intentions.Osama of course is hesitant to do this because he’s in love with Warda and doesn’t want to hurt her sister, and Aimen is smart enough to know Osama does not really love her or care for her.

This dynamic was explored in this episode alongside the rising discontent of Haris’ family with the lack of any medical information regarding Warda’s situation, and Haris’ grandmother finally declares that she needs a grandson no matter what.

Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan pair up for a comedy drama!

Warda also urges Haris to take a second wife. While the acting of each actor is brilliant, the way Haris and his secretive nature is shown through body language is very impressive. At some points the dialogue is rather choppy and unnatural but otherwise Meray Humdum has remained interesting enough for viewers.

Do Bol (ARY) Six Sigma Plus and Next Level Entertainment

Gaiti has lost her last chance at hope after finding out that her mother Jahan Ara is no longer in the country, and this episode we see her struggle to decide what her future might hold. While she undergoes this struggle, she does begin to open up more to Badar’s sister Rafiya whose bright nature makes it easy for Gaiti to get along with her.

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed
Hira Mani and Affan Waheed

Badar on the other hand is doing his best to help Gaiti find her mother and it is clear that his intentions are pure and he only cares for Gaiti’s well-being even if his feelings are not reciprocated. Badar also finds a job this episode which was something he deserved, to say the least. Back in Gaiti’s home, Iqbal has a heart attack and Firdous’ plans of acquiring his wealth are set in motion as Zafar starts to handle the business instead of Iqbal.

Iqbal also develops as a character as he starts to show that he actually does miss Gaiti and seeing this, Nafeesa does her best to contact Gaiti. The characters Do Bol have become exceptional in the way they are so distinct and most of all are so humane in nature that they become relatable to the audience.

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The direction of each episode is impeccable and actually very unique from other dramas as it employs certain directive tools most Pakistani directors shy away from; Wajahat Hussain has really made Do Bol a huge step forward for direction in the industry as a whole and deserves a lot of credit for making it such a likable drama!


Do Bol is crushing it in popularity as well as online presence! Great acting, directing, sound and design has made Do Bol a force to be reckoned with! Do Bol is a drama we would highly recommend watching for all viewers as it caters to everyone’s taste.

Kam Zarf falls behind even though it has a very interesting plot, and Meray Humdum comes last sadly.

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