Wednesday Drama Reviews: Do Bol Vs Qaid VS Tajdeed e Wafa

Do Bol (ARY) Six Sigma Plus and Next Level Entertainment

With Kaisa Hai Naseeban having ended, the slot is taken up by yet another pair of episodes of Do Bol, making it the drama with the most episodes airing every week! Wednesday episode followed the development between the relationship of Gaiti and Badar as they start to lose the animosity against each other.

Do Bol makes us fall in love with Geeti & Badar with every episode

Some good news come as Gaiti’s result is outstanding and Neelum is getting married. Neelum decides that she wants to invite Gaiti to her wedding and surprisingly gets permission from Gaiti’s father even though he is still cold about the topic of Gaiti. After hearing about her result he does not show any emotions in front of Neelum and his wife but when they leave, he picks up the newspaper and smiles proudly.

Do Bol

There were many small moments like these in the episode that showed a vast improvement in each character. I like the fact that Do Bol does not rely on overtly dramatic writing but instead it is in the smaller actions of each character that we find their true development. Badar specially has put up with so much and his character is the best out of all. Once more the direction and the sets of the drama were delightful and we’re glad it now airs on two days because we honestly can’t wait for each new episode!

Qaid (Geo Tv) Showcase Productions

This episode showed Ashir’s changing heart towards Reham as well as Farah’s growing discontentment with the situation. By now it’s obvious even to Ashir that he still loves Reham but he still is finding a valid reason to go back to loving her, by trying to prove her innocent not just to everyone but also to himself.

Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan pair up for a comedy drama!

His need for justification for his own feelings leads him to actually discovering a key clue towards the truth as he finds his younger brother’s iPad. The storyline is definitely moving forward in terms of Reham being proven innocent but still the same scenario of the family torturing Reham is being continued, the reason for which is lost on most audience members. Granted, it creates sympathy for Reham but at this point it’s kind of a given. The soundtrack and the setting is pretty great but the plot itself needs to be moved forward to make all these things stand out even more.

Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

The last episode finally aired tonight and we took a sigh of relief as this drama finally said goodbye! It started with the usual catfights between Vareesha and Hareem and Hareem telling Arsal for the hundredth time that she is leaving him. Arsal’s father also gets involved and calls Hareem to justify Arsal’s behavior, which is weird since just a few episodes ago he had been on Vareesha’s side.

Tajdeed e wafa

Vareesha obviously does not take this well but just as abruptly as she had entered the drama, she is forced to leave as Arsal and Hareem get together for the final time and Arsal proposes to her. Asher and Neha get a happy ending too as Neha wakes up from her coma and is finally back in the drama once again. As far as the ending is concerned, Tajdeed e Wafa wrapped things up nicely but a lot of plot holes are still left. However, we’re glad it finally ended because the story had started to really become a mess!

Kaisa Hai Naseeban comes to a memorable end!


Now that Dol Bol is airing on two days, it is also dominating Wednesdays and we honestly do not mind. We really can’t get enough of this drama and like that its airing so much now.

Qaid follows close behind since it has started to expand its plot more now. Tajdeed e Wafa bids goodbye and hopefully some better drama will replace it that won’t go on for so long.

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